Tuesday, February 4, 2014


So, in addition to our major milestones, we'll be planning week-long sprints at the beginning of each week. Unlike the milestones, our sprints will be organized by assigning tasks to specific people. After creating the list, we will add all the items to a Trello board, allowing us to keep track of everyone's progress and potential blocks more easily.

Here are this week's sprint goals!

Sprint 1 - 02/03/2014
  • Establish Art Bible
  • Three character sketches
  • Two enemy sketches
  • One character art complete [stretch]
  • One enemy art complete [stretch]
  • Setpieces:
  • One wall
  • One floor
  • Six props
  • Implement skill system
  • Implement two skill
  • Implement one enemy AI
  • First iteration of attack animation
  • Camera Movement
  • Groundwork for dialogue system
  • Groundwork for interactive
  • Design three characters and skills
  • Damage system/formula
  • Design both enemies
  • Design three equipment
  • Start final boss concepts
  • Update / clean up Trello boards
  • Post milestones & sprint to blog
  • Edit HDD
  • Finalize corruption design
  • Design set pieces for 1st Milestone
  • Choose characters for 1st Milestone
  • Assist enemy design for 1st Milestone
  • Update Art Assets lists
  • Write 3 more character
  • Iterate first 3 characters
  • Finalize 1st iteration of main story / corporation backstory
  • Finalize music plans

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