Monday, February 10, 2014

Full Steam Ahead!

We accomplished this week's programming milestone tasks and some extra.

I implemented a basic Skill system, which I then scrapped and redid from scratch.
The new system actually implements Basic Attacks, Skills and Weapon Skills. So not only is everything abstracted from one class, but each "Skill" requires it's own personal script, which can be fully customized to suit our needs.
In other words, I made a skill system that completes the backbone of our combat system as a whole. All that's missing is content, and stat formulas.

Also did a lot of improvements on path finding (turns out it still had a few edge cases - bugs)

Implemented two of the three skills that were designed this week, up to rank 1, adding additional ranks will be trivial.

The first enemy AI for the Drones is complete, they will chase the closest player and attack if possible.

We added camera movement, which also has some smoothing to give it a nice feel.

Added a basic framework for object interation.

Cleaned up a lot of old archaic code and log messages.

And lots of bug fixing!

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