Monday, February 17, 2014

Particles, Tiles, Skills, Art

 Highlights of this week's sprint:

  • Reworked our tile system to incorporate particles effects, so we can get a lot more creative with our tile visuals. Most of the current tile colors and effects will be redone.
  • Implemented the Knuckleduster skill which can knock enemies into an object and take bonus damage.
  • Created a Z-depth system that allows any object, including particle effects, to properly align behind and in front of other objects.
  • The targeting and movement mechanics have had some improvements.
  • Implemented the AI for the enemy "Manager".
  • Improvements to the HUD, right clicking to cancel an attack, or resume movement if you haven't moved.
  • Heroes can now gain experience by killing and assisting on a kill, eventually leveling up.
  • Created a level up particle animation, shown at the start of the video and after defeating the drones.
  • Hit/Miss/Damage formulas have been added to the skills/attacks.
  • Added art that has been completed so far; several office props and two character sprites.

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