Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Look at Our First Three Skills

Each skill in Lifelike is going to have incredibly high impact on the battle. We're designing these skills to be incredibly useful to the player and good uses will help turn the tide of a battle.

In Lifelike Each skill has three levels, with the higher levels being much more powerful and gaining ridiculous additional effects. 

These first three skills are all attached to characters (some can be attached to items). Typically character skills go hand in hand with the characters stats and growths, to give them a playstyle.

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001 - Spirit Bolt
Owner: Character
Range: 1-4
Targeting: Any tile (does not require enemy on tile).
Cooldown: 4 turns
Damage type: Magical
Visual: A orange orb that launches towards the target. It grows in size based on the amount of allies adjacent. It explodes at it’s destination, with the explosion growing based on level.
Description: Spirit bolt launches a projectile at a targeted tile. Spirit bolt gains 15% more damage for each adjacent ally to the skill’s user
Level 2 Bonus: Spirit bolt deals damage to the 4 adjacent tiles to the target and any allies hit by Spirit Bolt gain a buff which increases their damage for their next combat.
Level 3 Bonus:Spirit bolt deals damage to all 8 adjacent tiles to the target. For every ally in the blast zone Spirit bolt gains an additional 15% damage and the cooldown is reduced by a turn (to a maximum of two turns).

002 - Wind Dance
Owner: Character
Range: 3 Tiles. If something is on that tile Wind dance cannot be cast in that direction
Targeting: Any tile that a player can walk on
Cooldown: 6 turns
Damage type: Magical
Visual: The user fades out, and teleports to the targetted location. Bursts of wind appear on the tiles in between the user’s original position and their new position.
Description: The user teleports to the targeted tile. Dealing magical damage to all enemies between the users original position and their new position in a line.
Level 2 Bonus: Wind dance’s cooldown is lowered by one turn and it gives the user a buff that allows their next action to guarantee a critical hit.
Level 3 Bonus: The user can use wind dance a second time immediately after the first (on the same turn).

003 - Knuckleduster
Owner: Character
Range: 1
Targeting: Can only target tiles with enemies
Cooldown: 3
Damage type: Physical
Visual: The user moves towards the enemy and we have a “punch” like particle effect before the enemy moves backwards. It’d be cool to include some kind of smoke/trail for the enemy getting knocked away.
Description: The user lets loose a powerful punch, knocking the target back two tiles. If the enemy would collide with an object it cannot move past it will not be moved the full two tiles.
Level 2 Bonus: Knuckleduster now knocks back enemies five tiles, additionally if an enemy would collide with an object it collides with it takes bonus damage. If that object is an enemy unit that unit also takes that bonus damage. For enemy on enemy collisions the first hit enemy’s movement stops and the second enemy will move the remaining tiles.
Level 3 Bonus: The user can not perform a small dash before knuckleduster, making the range 1-2 tiles. Additionally Knuckleduster’s cooldown is now one turn rather than three.

All of these skills are subject to change as we actually implement and test them.

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