Monday, January 13, 2014

The Idea

One of the first things I like to do when coming up with a new game idea is write up a little outward-facing blurb about it; a sort of "back of the box" thing that explains the core ideas of the game with the expected audience of, well, everyone. I find that trying to write something as if it would be read by people that might become players helps me figure out what's really important about the game. This will almost certainly change quite a bit over time, but here's the very first draft!

The player chooses from a cast of interns working in the basement mailroom, each working themselves to death at a thankless job, desperately trying to get a foothold on the corporate ladder. One of them (the player) receives a mysterious message from the CEO requesting her presence in his office. Confused and anxious, but eager to make a name for herself in the company, the intern must make her way to the CEO’s office--on the 100th floor. And the elevator is broken. And security’s pretty tight, so each floor can only be accessed via the stairs by obtaining a key card from the previous floor. 
As the intern progresses through the disturbingly inconsistent floors, things start to get a little strange... I mean, she expected the bureaucrats, the annoying office gossips, the security guards, and the cut-throat corporate backstabbers, but... wait, did that guy have a sword? why are there creeping vines all over the cubicles on this floor? Did that guy have three eyes? On his chest? Well, I suppose diversity in the workplace is a good thing, right?  
Gotta do whatever it takes to get the dream job.

More to come!

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