Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Designing the Stat System

Designing the stat system

One of the core things we're attempting with Lifelike is a fast, repeatable experience. With that in mind we need to limit ourselves on the number of visible stats to the player and they need to be rather simple in what they do.

So far the current stat system is as follows: (names are not permanent)

HP - Health Points, when these reach zero this character dies.
Attack - Increases damage from physical attacks
Defense -Reduces damage from enemy physical attacks.
Ambition- Increases damage dealt from user’s magic attacks and decreases damage taken from enemy magic attacks.
Perception - Increases chance to hit the enemy, less likely to be noticed by enemies, and farther vision in black outs.
Fortune - Increases chance to dodge and chance to critically hit the enemy.
Synergy - Gives adjacent allies increased damage and damage reduction
Movement Speed - The number of tiles a character can move

We've combined some stats (such as having only one "magic" stat rather than two) and tried to make each stat attractive for different reasons. We'll be closely paying attention to see if this system is too complex and we'll be revisiting this soon.


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